Friday, 23 January 2009

Thirst and Tawny

Was at my crop last night, so didn't have time for a blog post when I got home. My photo for yesterday is of Tawny, our tortoiseshell. She rarely stays still long enough to let us take a photo, but here she was sitting on the arm of the sofa and I was able to click before she moved. 
She's a lovely cat, if a bit demanding when she wants some attention, often pawing at your arm till you pat her.

Today we went to a local coffee shop, Thirst, for lunch with my friend and her little girl. It's a great place, with a couple of shelves of books, crayons and toys. There's an area at the back with gardening gloves/ seeds etc. Here Amy and her friend were putting all the packets of seeds (unopened) into a hanging basket, something that they do every time we visit.

Also got a cute photo of my dad and one of their cats, Kola. He's been staying with my parents, but is about to return to his owner. I think they'll miss him, though I'm not sure my parents' other cats will!


  1. love the shop it looks like a realy cool place to be

  2. Thanks for sharing these shots. I love them all. Did you get lots done at your crop. I always have plans to, but end up visiting more.