Friday, 16 January 2009

Amy's art gallery

Had fun today visiting my parents. My mum's had a bad cold for a couple of weeks, and we've missed seeing her. Amy got hold of a Post-it pad, drew on several pages and had fun sticking the results on the living room door.

Also, after my photo the other day about my car, well the garage had a look at it today, found an error code but couldn't find what was wrong with it. They were nice and didn't charge me anything for that. The warning has come back up now, but dad reckons it's a glow plug, so he can fix it himself, yay!


  1. Fantastic. Better than what my dd does - she just draws straight on the glass!

  2. Love it. Just the sort of thing my grandson does.

  3. I love the Post-it-Note gallery! Glad that the car wasn't a big repair - hope your dad can fix it for you.