Thursday, 1 January 2009

Jan 1st photo

I love the start of the year when the new calendar is put up, all those blank pages ready to be filled with visits/ friends meet-ups/ dentist appointments etc. Here's my new Dodopad, my mum buys me one each year. It's got enough space for a column each for me, Peter and Amy with a couple left over. I also like the jokes/stories/general nonsense spread through the pages.

Of course, in my case the calendar tends to get filled up sporadically. I remember one week in 5, then try to remember what I've done over the previous fortnight lol.


  1. Love the angle you have taken this from. I've just been sitting updating my new calender with birthday, CJ posting dates etc!! Have to get your priorities on there after all!!

  2. great calender love the blog header too

  3. Oh, I love the angle of the calendar shot. Looks like I may be making up a blog, too. Otherwise, it would be too hard to keep track of 365 photos!