Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I'm trying to keep the fruitbowl stocked up, especially with a variety of fruit. I love kiwi fruit, though Amy isn't convinced yet.

March 30th: How I spend my evenings, playing on the web, here we see the Designer Digitals webpage, just one of several I wander round:).

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Amy was at a friend's birthday party today. This is the first time she's been brave enough to get her face painted. It's meant to be a princess, though I think it's more She-ra than Cinderella.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


Amy's nightlight is great. It's got a torch included, and has the In the Night Garden characters round the edge. Every evening after she's gone to bed I look at this arrangement, and can't help thinking of a Lord of the rings style gathering round the campfire. Attending the meeting are Yoda, Makka Pakka and Iggle Piggle, with Dora having a sneaky sleep.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Artwork and Heather

March 27th: Another day, another flower decides it's Spring! Today it's heather, though it wasn't scared of winter anyway!

March 26th: Amy was at Arty's today, an art/play session for toddlers. This week's crafty activity was a Humpty Dumpty. I can't get over how Amy now draws eyes and a mouth when she draws a face. The picture on the right is apparently a painting of Amy. I think I can see what she means. Her favourite colour is definitely yellow! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Baking with granny

Amy and her granny had great fun this afternoon making gingerbread eggs. She loved stirring the mixture, rolling out the dough and choosing how they should be decorated. They tasted pretty good too!

Monday, 23 March 2009


Hiya, yes I've been hiding. I'm really enjoying this project, but I was starting to find the uploading of photos a chore. So I decided to take a break for a week, I still took the photos, so I'll start to get up to date now. I  also realised that I find it easier to take photos of things rather than people, but I want lots of photos of Amy in my 365 too, so this week the photos are of her.

March 16th:
Amy was having fun lying on the sofa. I'd lie on the floor and she'd roll off the sofa to land on top of me. Then she'd climb back up and start again.

March 17th:
Just another of Amy's cute expressions lol.

March 18th:
Amy loves these sunglasses, think she's looking forward to summer when she can wear them all the time, though then she'll not have as much chance to use her umbrella, another of her faves at the moment.

March 19th: 
We've loved the sunshine the past few days, though it hasn't exactly been warm, especially when the wind is blowing. Amy's favourite garden toys at the moment are her bucket and spade, sticks to wave around, and the watering can.

March 20th:
We went to a park with granny today, it's been recently done up. Amy loved the slide as usual. This was the first time I've seen her climb up the actual slide and make it to the top, though of course I told her off for it as it was a pretty high slide!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Self portrait time

I've been to the hairdressers today, so this is one of those days where I'm willing to step in front of the camera!

I was chatting with a couple of friends the other day, and we were thinking about what we'd have if money was no object. We figured a stylist would be good to style out hair every day. Then Wendy said she'd love new socks every day which would also be good. My personal choice would be fresh bed linen, there's nothing better.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Mmm wine!

It's a Saturday night, time for a lovely glass of wine.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Glasgow Uni, a jigsaw and some beakers

Today: Being on the committee of the mother and toddler group means taking my turn to bring home all the plastic beakers to wash. I do love the bright colours bobbing in the sink.

March 12th: I got this jigsaw when I was 6 from a craft village while on holiday. We've been going through the boxes in the loft, and I decided to bring it down for Amy to play with. As for that corner piece, I'm sure I came across it a few years ago and put it in 'a safe place'! 

March 11th: This is the main building at the Uni, Amy and I were meeting friends in town, so we got a lift in with Peter in the morning, and walked down from the West End to the city centre.

I love all the buildings (except the awful 60s concrete ones), they look so gothic.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

St Andrews, big girls bed and more

Today: Finally the crocuses have opened. It was a lovely day so we could play out in the garden, Amy took photos with her pretend camera, I took ones with my real camera. 

March 9th: OK, so I was lacking in inspiration, but hey, they're cute. They're standing on our mantelpiece at the moment.

March 8th: We've now taken the side off Amy's cot, she's doing really well. Hoping to buy her a big girl bed soon.
March 7th: Today's assignment in the digiscrapping course I'm doing was to take a photo of something that meant a lot to us. I chose this sheep, I got it at a jumble sale when I was about 8.

March 6th: We spent the day in St Andrews, it's got so many gorgeous buildings. I took loads of photos, but love this one. Isn't this the coolest bit to drive through!
March 5th: Everyone seems to have a photo of the moon one day in their 365, so here's mine lol.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Crocuses in the snow

So my crocuses were just thinking it was safe to come out when it snowed again. Not much, but enough.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Keys, nursery, buds, bath toys and Kaz

I know, I haven't been on here for a few days. I'm keeping up with taking the photos, just don't always have time to upload them, especially at the weekends. Anyway, here's today's photo. I like our keyhook, but it sits in an alcove in our hall which is quite dark. So, I changed the photo to sepia, then recoloured the keyrings. I quite like the effect.

March 2nd: Today was a big day. We've registered Amy for nursery. I can't believe she's 2 1/2 already. We visited a couple of the local nurseries last week, and one really stood out. Now we just have to wait till May to find out if she gets a place there.

March 1st: While playing out in the garden with Amy I noticed that the flowering currant has lots of buds. It's one of the earliest flowers in the garden.

Feb 28th: Amy loves having a bath, but HATES having her hair washed. I do like the bright colours of the bath toys, the large duck in the middle was bought for Peter's dad by his mum while they were dating.

Feb 27th: Went into town today to meet up with Kaz. Amy adores her, we had a great day, and I got a gorgeous new dress. We even stayed out for dinner, when Kaz's friend Gillian joined us.