Friday, 13 March 2009

Glasgow Uni, a jigsaw and some beakers

Today: Being on the committee of the mother and toddler group means taking my turn to bring home all the plastic beakers to wash. I do love the bright colours bobbing in the sink.

March 12th: I got this jigsaw when I was 6 from a craft village while on holiday. We've been going through the boxes in the loft, and I decided to bring it down for Amy to play with. As for that corner piece, I'm sure I came across it a few years ago and put it in 'a safe place'! 

March 11th: This is the main building at the Uni, Amy and I were meeting friends in town, so we got a lift in with Peter in the morning, and walked down from the West End to the city centre.

I love all the buildings (except the awful 60s concrete ones), they look so gothic.


  1. Great pictures! The colours of the beakers next to the suds look terrific! I love that you post building from around your area. Keep up the great work

  2. love the beakers pic, very colourful :) I was up at Kelvingrove today so came back with a whole lot of pics of the Uni building and museum. It is really lovely