Tuesday, 10 March 2009

St Andrews, big girls bed and more

Today: Finally the crocuses have opened. It was a lovely day so we could play out in the garden, Amy took photos with her pretend camera, I took ones with my real camera. 

March 9th: OK, so I was lacking in inspiration, but hey, they're cute. They're standing on our mantelpiece at the moment.

March 8th: We've now taken the side off Amy's cot, she's doing really well. Hoping to buy her a big girl bed soon.
March 7th: Today's assignment in the digiscrapping course I'm doing was to take a photo of something that meant a lot to us. I chose this sheep, I got it at a jumble sale when I was about 8.

March 6th: We spent the day in St Andrews, it's got so many gorgeous buildings. I took loads of photos, but love this one. Isn't this the coolest bit to drive through!
March 5th: Everyone seems to have a photo of the moon one day in their 365, so here's mine lol.


  1. I love the road in St. Andrews! Our son is in Greece and was in Italy, the old roads and buildings are so unique compared to the newness of Las Vegas, NV!

  2. Great shots! Love the mantle and the sheep- too cute. And St. Andrews is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Love all the photos and I laughed with you about the moom picture as I did mine at night. So I am right there with you!
    The flowers are beautiful, I almost can smell them

  4. Great pictures - my favs are St. Andrews (love architecture) and the flowers (so gorgeous!).

  5. Some wonderful photos. I've never visited Scotland, but seeing all these fantastic views and buuildings you take is making me seriously think about it.