Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mini muffin

We made these cakes this morning using a Fifi and the Flowertots cake mix. This explains the colour of the icing (not our choice), but we decided to add hundreds and thousands to the top. Think the icing had already set a bit as most of them just bounced off the top instead of staying on the cakes.

Amy's already realised that cake mixes are no match for the real thing. She pretty much only ate the icing on this, whereas the real fairy buns we made last week were completely devoured.


  1. Love the cake! Spirnkles (aka 100's & 1000's) just make the cake according to my kids! You have done agreat job on all of your previous posts - the jelly photo is excellent!

  2. thats my plan today bought some fab silicone cupcake cases yesterday from asda sadly i will be making mine on my own though as both my teenagers will be out