Friday, 13 February 2009


Bit of an odd photo today maybe, but it is a part of our everyday life just now. 

We've been toilet-training Amy for the last few weeks, and she's been brilliant. Had a bit of a hiccup today, but generally I'm so proud of her.


  1. well, I finally figured out a way to send you comments :)

    oh - I don't miss those days!!! I miss the cute and funny aspects of when the kids were that age, but not the frustations :)

    ...and the river picture with the snow you posted a few days ago...that is gorgeous - I can definitely see that as a background on a scrapbook page - maybe even with just journaling on the left side...awesome photo!

  2. Glad it is going well. There will be a few oops! But they witll get fewer as time goes on. Love the photo

  3. hehe cool shot i remeber those days well