Saturday, 21 February 2009

Me and bus

One thing I've noticed since starting this project is how much Amy now enjoys playing with my camera. She asked to take a few shots this afternoon, including this one of me. She's pretty steady, as long as she remembers not to pull the camera down to look at the shot before it's actually taken!

Yesterday we were able to do the shopping in the evening as we used to, it's changed recently as Amy doesn't normally have a nap so is asleep by 7. As we left the supermarket, she noticed this ride-in bus and climbed on. She loves these, and will probably love them even more when she works out that we could put in money to make them go, lol.


  1. Yes, little ones get excited to see the picture don't they. Sorry I haven't be by in awhile, I am visiting a friend and haven't had much computer time.

  2. Oh my - when my daughter was younger her famous words were "I wanna see..." - even when it was a video camera! :) I've given her my camera and done some "photo shoots" of me - she's learned some things and feels SO big :). Great photo - cherish it!