Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow, Princes Square, Champagne and Quizzes

Phew, what a busy weekend it's been. Haven't had time to upload each day, but hopefully I'm back on track now.
It's been snowing here today, quite a bit. Amy's loved it, we spent ages outside this afternoon where she had great fun shovelling, throwing, stomping and jumping on the snow.
Toddlers was great too, as there were very few of us, so one of the mums went out for hot chocolate for us all. It was so yummy, with a block of chocolate at the bottom, all melty, mmm!
Yesterday we were in Glasgow for me to get my hair cut. Will take a photo of that eventually. Anyway, here's Amy's favourite shopping centre. It's got a huge peacock above it. Inside is a great open space where there's always kids running around while their parents grab a coffee.

On Saturday we were invited to the grand reopening of our local sweetie shop/cafe. It's been extended and looks lovely. We had a nice couple of glasses of champagne and chatted to the great and the good of our wee town (wonder how we got in!). I had been surprised when I found the invitation through my door as I wondered how the owner knew where we lived. Turned out she'd given it a girl I know, who then passed it to her husband, saying I lived in 'that bit of the street there, not sure which house is theirs'. 

On Friday I was out as well (I know, hectic social life), at a quiz and chilli night at the local church. This was to raise money for a charity bike ride later in the year through Africa. The quiz was so much fun, we had a toddler group mums team. There were 30 questions in the round, covering all topics from science to music, geography to cartoons. In between there was a break for a bowl of chilli, which was delicious.
In the end we came 4th, only 4 points behind the winners, so we were happy. Me and Peter used to be in a pub quiz team, and sometimes I do miss it.

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  1. Phew! You had a lot to catch up on! Amy looks like she was having a great time playing in the snow. The hot chocolate sounded very yummy for sure.

    I love that you are taking pictures of the architecture in and around Glasgow. I hope to get there one day, I did manage a 1 day visit to Edinburgh a couple of years ago.

    Take care