Sunday, 8 February 2009

Eek, got to catch up!

Phew, it's been the cybercrop on UKScrappers, so I've been a bit distracted with scrapping. Took a photo each day, just never got around to uploading them, so here goes!

It's snowing again. We went for a walk along the river this afternoon. Loved how crisp and white everything was as the snow was so fresh. I like the river flowing through the middle of this, and all the snow on the branches.

Amy and I went for a walk at lunchtime. She keeps saying she wants to go to a puppet show, and I've no idea where she's got this from. Anyway, we walked round the town while she looked for the show, and got upset when she eventually decided it was in the Institute Hall which was locked.
The day was lovely and bright, and I liked how bright this post box looks in the wall. I've always meant to take a photo of it.

Cybercrop started today. I hadn't realised how spread out all my stash was till I left the room to get a cuppa and came back in. I did have a late night, but got loads of scrapping done.

These are my purple Docs. I only really wear them in the snow as I've never broken them in, but I love the colour.

Hope to get back to daily posts now the crop is over.


  1. Great photo's Chrissy. Especially love your brook and post box. Looks like you live somewhere really beautiful.

  2. Lovely set of photos. Especially like the snowy scene.