Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Up to date!!

Yay, I'm up to date now:).

May 6th: We're lucky to have a lovely deli in our village. We went there to buy lunch as it does a nice baguette. 
May 5th: Just a fun shot. My camera happened to be sitting there, I like the look of the smarties tube and Amy's dolls house behind it.

May 4th: It's great how kids can fall asleep in any position.

May 3rd: It seems windmills are popping up on every hill just now. I quite like them, and liked this view while Peter was driving home. It looks like the windmill field has just been planted!

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  1. I love the windmills as well. I used to go to California and you'd drive out in the hills and you would come over a crest of a hill and there would be a grouping of them. They are very peaceful to look at.