Monday, 4 May 2009

May 1st and 2nd and erm a few more (part 2)

Seemed a bit unfair to put all the photos in one post! Here's the next batch.

April 26th - A bit of a filler photo, one of Peter's shelves of Transformers. He has many more.
April 25th - Went for a walk round the woods again, love having them on our doorstep!
April 24th - We bought a small pansy, and hadn't got round to planting it in the ground yet. I was shocked when I went out this evening to find a huge number of slugs around it!
April 23rd - WiiFit, Peter bought this on Monday, I've been doing it for a
 few days and it's so much fun! I know I'm overweight, but I do apparently have good balance and flexibility. My WiiFit age was 30 which I'm pleased with!
April 22nd - I pass this house on the way to tutor. It seems a shame it's boarded up, wonder what its history is.

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