Monday, 4 May 2009

May 1st and 2nd and erm a few more (part 3)

Final batch!! Now nearly up to date, but I did leave my camera outside yesterday in the rain, so don't want to switch it on to upload the photos until I know it's completely dry!

May 2nd - Now it's sunny we bought Amy a new sunhat. She loves it, and at £1 it was a bargain!
May 1st - Amy was fascinated by the police horses in Glasgow, though we see them quite often as they're stabled just outside our village.
April 30th - Ick, I've got the lurgy, nothing to do but snuggle into the sofa with a cup of tea and a box of hankies.
April 29th - I love watching the peonies. Here this bud is re
ady to turn into a gorgeous showy flower.
April 28th - Our Anniversary, we went to Kelvingrove and saw the Dr Who Exhibition. It was great, though Amy found it too loud.
April 27th - My first completed piece for the UKS Arty Farty Jigsaw Swap.

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