Monday, 4 May 2009

May 1st and 2nd and erm a few more

So, April turned out a bit of a hard month to upload photos, what with my lack of computer, then just being so busy! Here's a few photos to get up to date a bit. Hopefully I'll add the rest at some point.

April 21st - Amy had a ball helping me to wash the garden chairs with a sponge, a brush and lots of bubbles!
April 20th - Yay, weather was nice enough to put out the washing, can you tell I have a little girl in the household?
April 19th - Weather was lovely, so Peter and I went to Dean Castle for a stroll.

April 18th - Amy stayed with my parents, so we were able to repaint the living room, remove all the scuffs.

April 17th - Our noticeboard needs a clear out!

April 16th - Yay, my new Mac is here!

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